I invested with Marco via his Notes Investments. I invested in 2 notes and made a 15% annual return paid monthly on my Note Investments! Some of the easiest money I’ve made. Marco is the real deal. Make sure you trust whoever you decide to invest with. I trust Marco and wouldn’t hesitate to invest with him again!

Kyle K.

Phoenix, AZ

I have worked with Norada Capital Management over the past few years and I would highly recommend them. Marco is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to help explain concepts and investments. I have always seen consistent returns from Norada Capital Management and they are always quick to respond to any questions. Norada Capital Management promissory notes are a great addition to my investment portfolio.

David F.

Thornton, CO

I’ve completed 3 Notes with Norada, and plan to do more. Found the process to be easy, Marco very responsive, and great returns. Been investing for over 40 years in different asset classes. Thanks!

Tom S.

Coweta, Ok

Investing with Norada Capital Management was an easy process and has produced reliable returns and communication.
Matt W.

Hermosa Beach, CA

I have invested in the promissory notes offered by Norada Capital Management since November 2021. They have provided guaranteed and steady cash flow to our portfolio with minimal risk. Its CEO, Marco Santarelli is always available and responsive to my questions and requests. I would highly recommend this high-yield and reliable investment alternative to any eligible investors.

Alan H.

Norwalk, CA

Investing with Marco at Norada Capital Management has been a rewarding, profitable experience. I fully trust his judgement and investment choices in the portfolio. He fully understands all parts of the economy and knows how to profit in all economic situations.

Shelly B.

Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been active in real estate investing for decades which was a serious commitment and sacrifice as a single mom. So if I can do it, anyone can. I believe strongly in being well informed. Norada Capital, specifically Marco Santarelli’s podcast has provided that. He’s been patient and helpful with all my questions. A great resource that has helped me in my desire to diversify my portfolio to meet my long term goals.

Kimberly B.

Rancho Murieta, CA

After some lengthy, knowledgeable and detailed discussions I decided to pursue an investment into one of the Note programs Norada Capital Management had to offer. I would only invest in a Note that had a business plan that I fully understood. Norada helped me gain an education of a business outside of my real estate background and helped guide me through the process of making my investment. The interest payments on my note are made timely and consistently via direct deposit. I look forward to having additional discussions with Norada for additional note opportunities in the future.

Steve F.

Bal Harbour, FL

We have invested with Norada Capital for the past couple of years and hold 3 Notes with them and I’m happy to say we are very pleased with this investment.  First, Marco is amazingly responsive – most often responds within hours, but certainly no more than a day. Can’t say enough about the service he provides.  Secondly, payments are exactly on time – and sometimes early! Very dependable. We are so happy with these investments, we are increasing them as we renew all our notes. The rates of return are outstanding and payments seamless. We feel very blessed to have found this spectacular investment for our Self Directed IRA account!

Anthony P.

Honolulu, HI

I’m already a happy customer with Norada Real Estate purchasing more than one property through them. And when I learned about Norada Capital Management and its returns, I couldn’t resist! Where else can you get a 12% to 16.7% return on your investment?  I jumped at the chance after Marco himself took the time to explain to me what the funds were being used for and how. There was zero pressure to invest. Marco just wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the investment and I was! This was two years ago and true to his word, I have received predictable payments in my account every month between then and now. This was another income stream for me without the hassle of dealing with the issues that sometimes come up with a property such as lending, building materials, and unpredictable tenants. In fact, I’m so happy with this additional stream of income how it diversifies my portfolio/income stream, that I recently just re-invested more just two months ago. Keep up the great work, Marco, and I look forward to continuing to build our business relationship!

Rich L.

Dix Hills, NY

If you’re looking for a short-term cash investment with high rates of return for your self-directed IRA, then Norada Capital Management is a very good option. Monthly interest payments are consistently direct deposited at the beginning of every month. Easy to do business with electronically. Excellent customer service.

Henry H.

Cumming, GA

Norada Capital Management’s promissory note has been a great yield on my investment over the past 2 years! It is a perfect avenue for investment of cash rather than the 0.011% interest rate I get in my savings account! I always received timely direct deposit of interest payment each and every month without any delays! For me, it’s a great place for investment while I seek out other real estate investment opportunities. At the end of each term, Marco always gives me an option to extend the term or cash out the principle.

Dr. Tim H.

Kapolei, HI

I have worked with Marco at Norada Capital Management for the past 2 years investing in notes. The returns are outstanding and always paid on time. They are quick to respond to questions personally and always eager to help!

Lou C.

Cleveland, Oh

Full disclosure, I’m always skeptical with investments like these. However, after speaking with Marco at Norada, I felt confident to move forward. I’m happy I did! Norada surpassed expectations and has never missed a distribution payment in the past two years.

Jeff M.

West Hills, CA

I have invested in Promissory Notes for two plus years with Marco. Marco is always available to take my calls and answer my questions in detail and promptly. The promissory notes have been a great addition to my self-directed IRA. It’s hard to beat the interest rates and the predictable monthly income. I am a very satisfied client.

Robert F.

Florence, SC

I started listening to Marco’s podcast about property investments and then ultimately reached out to him and Norada to help me invest on my own. Norada Capital Management helped me understand how to utilize my dormant and frankly underperforming retirement capital and now I am earning great returns and building that capital, even as the market around us has done less well. I have always seen consistent and timely returns from Norada Capital Management and they are always quick to respond to any questions. Norada Capital Management promissory notes are a great addition to my investment portfolio.

Allan V.

West Checster, PA

I’ve had a promissory note for the past two years with Norada Capital Management. The investing process was extremely easy. Monthly direct deposits have been reliable. It has worked so well, I just renewed my note! Best passive income investment I’ve found.

Doug M.

Eldridge, IA

I started listening to Marcos podcasts for a few years before we invested with him and now we have been invested with Marco for a few years now and we are extremely pleased with passive income we have been receiving consistently and on time every month! It has helped us build a generational legacy for our children! I have been a firefighter for over 20 years and communication and trust are extremely important within the fire service. I can honestly say Marco is great at communicating and has always been very prompt and responsive to any question we might have had. Marco is also very trustworthy and there is no other person I trust more with our money and investments than Marco! I highly recommend Marco for all of your investment needs, we are so glad we did and continue to do so! Thank you Marco!

Gregg L.

Peoria, AZ

I’ve been very happy with my Promissory Note investments, and have invested in multiple Notes over the years. Payments are always on time and communication is quick and complete. Highly recommended.

Nancy O.

Alamo, CA

Norada Capital is awesome. It’s hard to find consistent, 100% passive, high return investments like this. And working with Marco and team has been a breeze.

Tyler M.

Redmond, WA

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